SHAHAR Driving Systems Ltd.


SHAHAR Driving Systems originally started as a driving school, then as manufacturer of various driving teacher accessories,

the company eventually evolved into the production of driving systems for handicapped drivers.

In 1999 the company was acquired by engineer Josef Eichner who subsequently moved its central workshop to its present location in Petah Tikva, from which it has been operating until the present day as SHAHAR Driving Systems Ltd. Since this time, the company has been managed by Dipl. Ing. Eichner, one of the leading automotive engineers operating in this field in Israel, and who until that time, for a period of almost 20 years, had been providing consultancy services in all matters associated with customisation and modification of vehicles for handicapped drivers (for both IDF Handicaps and civilians recognized by the National Insurance Institute of Israel - Bituah Leumi). Ever since taking over the company, Mr. Eichner´s exceptional knowledge and expertise in design and development of driving mechanisms and vehicle modifications for disabled drivers has been available to all company customers.


In its original format, SHAHAR Driving Systems manufactured simple, low cost, yet reliable driving aids. In 1999, following its transition into new ownership, company management formulated a new approach, and a new House Credo stating that "At market price, and without charging any more than is acceptable, we are committed to the development and production of the most reliable, high quality, innovative and convenient products possible, and to provide the very best service and business attitude available” was devised. It took some time to design such products and achieve the desired level, to develop the right technology, to gain experience, particularly in terms of reliability and convenience of product usage and to establish a highly skilled and proficient staff, but for several years now, we are proud to say that we have accomplished our goal. SHAHAR Driving Systems Ltd. is now considered to be the Israeli leader in its field.


SHAHAR Driving Systems Ltd. operates under the supervision of the Israel Standards Institute and has acquired a Standard Mark for production of its driving systems for the disabled. Exceptional design, unique in Israel, of all products, the use of the finest materials with uncompromising observance of all quality related issues promise a product that is unparalleled on the Israeli market. In addition, the company currently employs four certified and highly experienced technicians and three mobile workshops in addition to the work stations available at the factory in Petah Tikva. This exceeds any operation offered by any other Israeli company active in the field. Well organized and extremely orderly work procedures with both car dealerships and PDI´s ensure our customers receive the very best products in the shortest possible time.