Personal Customization of Driving Systems

SHAHAR Driving Systems Ltd. makes all efforts to install the driving systems in the best and for the driver most conmfortble way we find possible. And as a result of our extensive experiance in the field we are usually successful. However, despite our sincere efforts, it must be remembered that in most cases purchase orders are placed over the phone and we never get to meet the actual customer in person. Under such circumstances, there is always a possibility that certain customization of the driving mechanism may be required.

All driving mechanisms developed by SHAHAR Driving Systems Ltd. are designed and constructed in a unique manner that enables easy customization in accordance with specific customer requirements.

All mechanism customizations are considered a part of the services we provide and are provided for no additional charge.

Personalcustomisation can usually be conducted only at our cantral workshop in Petach Tikva.

Personal customisation is part of our service.

personal customisation is free of charge.